Bingo Lucky For Some, Number One

Bingo Lucky for Some, Number One

This article is all about luck, and luck is a very important aspect of bingo. Really the only place where luck does not to at least some extent apply is when you are choosing where to play, but you can find an answer to that dilemma by popping across to Mecca. So, what is luck all about?

Ancient societies believed in various manifestations of a Goddess of Luck. The Romans believed that she was Fortuna, whist the ancient Greeks said that she was Tyche. In Medieval times she also played a role, but no longer as a God. She became merely a servant of God as her role was simply to dispense the will of God; in those times Christian theology insisted that everything was the will of God, thus Fortuna was stripped of her autonomy.

In more recent times she regained her powers and, by turning the wheel of fortune, could again dispense luck both good and bad at her will.

Most people believe in the concept of luck. Ask any online bingo player and they will confirm it. We even tend to accept the notion that some people are naturally (born) lucky and some are naturally unlucky. Some believe that you make your own luck.

Although we tend to accept that luck, either good or bad, just happens, we also sustain a level of belief that we can in some ways influence it; for what other reason would we touch wood or throw salt over our shoulder? Most bingo players are to some extent superstitious as are most poker players and other types of gambler.

Not everybody believes in luck. Rationalists entirely dismiss the idea that luck can exist at all; they believe that every event has a cause. They rationalise that if we knew everything about the situation leading up to an event, then that event could be predicted.

Of course these rationalists are wrong. They fail to take account of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principal and quantum mechanics which clearly demonstrate that not everything is knowable.

So the next time you log in to your favourite online bingo site just think positively and trust to luck.